Articles and Resources 

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The CASE i3 Top Reads is a collection of the top 100 resources, reports and books about the impact investing industry. This collection has all you need to know to get started and their Short Guide to Impact Investing is great

The GIIN keeps a knowledge centre that is excellent.  Check out: What do you need to know about impact investing? 

One of the best sets of information about impact measurement can be found here: Evaluating Impact Investing   

The Impact has put out several recent publications directed towards HNW families including Frameworks for Families

Omidyar Network recently released Frontier Capital, a great read for Impact Investing in Emerging Markets

Wharton's Social Impact Initiative's work on PE exits is one of the most rigorous data projects in the space

Recent pieces that we've contributed to or been featured in:

Impact Investing: Stephen Koseff Talks to Aunnie Patton Power Mail & Guardian (2019)

Impact is Booming and SA Should Step Up Fin24 (2018)

Why do we Innovate? London School of Economics (2018)

Social Entrepreneurs Pitch For Change At Ashoka SEAChange Event Entrepreneur South Africa (2018)

Oxford Saïd focuses on African Businesses Mail & Guardian (2017)

Innovative Finance in Africa Bertha Centre for Social Innovation (2016)

SA to pilot financing initiative for green SMEs Moneyweb (2016)

Impact investment, with development in mind African Law & Business (2016)

What's next for impact bonds in South Africa Centre for Public Impact (2016)

Four innovative finance solutions for impact investing  Moneyweb (2016)

Malaria bond set to play innovative role in fundraising Financial Times (2016)

What is a gender lens? Capria (2016)

Switching on Financing for Off-Grid Energy report Bertha Centre for Social Innovation (2016)

Guide to Impact Bond Investing Bertha Centre for Social Innovation (2016)

SIBS - An Innovative Financing Model  Pretoria News (2016)

Switching on Finance for Off-Grid Energy GSB Business Review (2016)

Impact Investing in South Africa: what the future holds Trialogue Sustainability Review (2016)

Designing a social impact bond in a developing country: Lessons learnt Pioneer Post (2016)

Impact investing in Africa: A new course about Africa for Africa How we made it in Africa (2016)

The case for African case studies GSB Business Review (2016)

The Role of Universities in Creating Impact Investing Ecosystems Word Economic Forum (2015)

Bringing Impact Bonds to the Global South Stanford Social Innovation Review (2015)

Social Finance Oxford University Press (2015)

Investing in the right things makes business and ethical sense Journal of Development Finance Agenda (2015)

Innovative Finance in Africa cases Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship / Bertha Centre for Social Innovation (2015)

Social Investment Can Bridge Gaps Business Day (2016)

Guide to Legal Forms for Social Enterprises in South Africa Bertha Centre for Social Innovation (2015)

The Rapid Rise of Impact Investing Business Day (2015)

Put a price on development and then raise the money to fund it Business Day (2015)

Investing in social good UCT Monday Monthly (2014)

The Story of Impact Bonds Inside | Out (2014)

Innovative Finance in South Africa Inside | Out (2014)

Impact Investing: a closer look Inside | Out (2014)

APSocialFinance: a resources worth knowing about Greater Capital (2014)